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Areas of work

  • Mood, depression, self-esteem

  • Anxiety, stress, phobias, panic

  • ​Trauma​-related challenges​​, complex trauma, PTSD

  • Interpersonal​​, relational challenges

  • Family and couple difficulties

  • Experiences of grief

  • Vital transitions (adolescence, maternity/paternity, divorce, job-loss, moves, retirement, immigration, etc.)  

  • Academic and professional development

  • Acculturation, migration, expatriation processes

  • Cultural, racial, historical, sistemic, social trauma

  • Addictions (substances, sex, relational, money, social media, play) 

  • Identity-related or existencial challenges

  • Sexuality-related challenges 

  • LGBTQ experience

* Available in English and Spanish

* I attend constantly to the role of social, sistemic, cultural, gender, racial dynamics which shape our relationships and life experience. 

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