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My approach

My work integrates principles and practices of traditional psychotherapy (cognitive-behavioral, family-systems, interpersonal, and emotion-focused) and somatic/body psychotherapy of Core Energetics. My work is deeply shaped by my research and knowledge of the therapeutic relationship as well as by my commitment to cultural conscience and social justice. I attend to the role of social-cultural systems which, depending on our identity, shape our life experience in the world. I wholeheartedly believe in our healing potential and the opportunity we have to grow and expand.

By integrating these approaches, the therapeutic work becomes dynamic and experiencial, where problems are not only talked about and understoon at mental level, but are also felt, and transformed at an experiencial level. This way, change is achieved not just from top to bottom (from mind to body), but also from bottom up (from body to mind), and hence it's profound and long lasting. 


When working with people, my intention is to create a safe space based on respect, dignity, and trust to facilitate emotional experience, processing, and integration. These processes, though uncomfortable and difficult at times, allow us to gain insight about the sources of our pain and, hence, achieve better versions of ourselves. 

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